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New Masters of Flash:  Volume 3 NMOF3
With over 400 edge-to-edge full-color pages of Flash goodness, this is a great book to leave both on the coffee table and in the studio. An international collection of experienced Flash users bring their unique perspectives into the third volume of the New Masters series, like spices in an exotic meal.

Introduction by Brendan Dawes!

Photographs of the pages within New Masters of Flash Volume 3:

chapter 2, Adam Phillips

chapter 3, Billy Bussey

chapter 4, Anthony Eden

chapter 5, Oliver Shaw

chapter 6, Shane Mielke

chapter 7, Nathalie Lawhead

chapter 8, Jared Tarbell

chapter 9, Ola Bergner

chapter 10, Todd Marks

chapter 11, Kristin Henry

chapter 12, Keith Peters

chapter 13, Simone Legno

chapter 14, Danny Franzreb

Special thanks to all involved!

Commissioning Editor
Steve Rycroft

Graphic Designer and Compositor
Katy Freer

Technical Editors
Matthew Knight
Steve Rycroft


New Masters of Flash Volume 3 , paperback
477 pages | 1st edition | Friends of Ed

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