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symbol of computation
fresh flash baby!

Fresh Flash , Friends of Ed
London, England

altered vista
chapter 1, Keith Peters

radio flyers
chapter 2, Jared Tarbell

blurring nodes
chapter 2, Jared Tarbell

parameterized clock
chapter 2, Jared Tarbell

time based texture generator
chapter 2, Jared Tarbell

recursive time intervals
chapter 2, Jared Tarbell

dynamic masking
chapter 3, Andrés Sabastián Yáñez Durán

alternative interfaces
chapter 4, Paul Prudence

visualization of sound
chapter 4, Ty Lettau

lines, curves, and polygons chapter 5, JD Hooge

bezier curve creatures
chapter 6, Andrés Sabastián Yáñez Durán

3d transformation library
chapter 7, Brandon Williams

visual experiments with dynamic content
chapter 8, Danny Franzreb

video FX in Flash MX
chapter 9, Jim Armstrong

new design ideas with Flash MX

Many thanks to Friends of Ed:

Katy Freer

Jon Bounds
Alan McCann
Ben Renow-Clarke
Victoria Blackburn

Technical Reviewers
Marco Baraldi
Leon Cych
Steve McCormick
Mike Sloan
Jared Tarbell

Simon Collins

Commissioning Editor
Jim Hannah

Author Agents
Chris Matterface

Project Manager
Jennifer Harvey

Kristian Besley
Cathy Succamore

Managing Editors
Ben Huczek

new design ideas with Flash MX, back cover

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