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Flash MX Components

Images of the Animation Components

The development of these animation components went through so many stages of refinement and modification that the only reasonable way to document the process was the screenshot. It need not be said that a still image tells a shorter story than an animation. Here are some of my favorite short stories:
growth of the concentric path multilayered concentric paths
seeds with modified graphic seeds with modified graphic
explorative development of the parallel bars component unusual seed arrangement with pond ripples
seeds with custom graphic classic seed arrangement
pond ripples parallel bars using pebbles as a mask
sea of love parallel bars modification modified seeds with overlapping pond ripples
pond ripples with centerpoint offset broken watch seeds modification
seeds with seeds as mask three dimensional rotation of the concentric path

The Hidden Power of Flash MX Components , paperback
372 pages | 1st edition (forthcoming) | Sybex | ISBN: x

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