amoda mosaic

mosaic of reactionary nodes

Representational images created through the selective sizing of an array of squares. The data for each image is read from an array of characters generated by an application called BG Ascii, written by Boris Glazer.


figure A. the abstract, block like nature of the representation is intentional

The images used in this example are the faces of the good natured staff at the Austin Museum of Digital Art, a diverse collection of geeks and wizards in Austin, Texas..

Photographic data was captured from low color thumbnails, around 2k each.

figure B. Chris Auger, of AMODA

If you don't recognize the faces, you may be standing too close to the display. The observation of digitized displays is just another step in the interpolation process of image information.

A known deficiency exists in the sucking up of an unrecognized character along the right column. This is most likely the result of the transfer between file systems.
figure C.Jennifer Potter, of AMODA

March 23, 2002

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