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Austin, Texas

The Auscillator is a computational assembly in continual discourse with itself.

Click anywhere above to view various configurations of the Auscillator.

Both the top and bottom elements of the Auscillator contain algorithms that allow decision making concerning rotation. At the same time, the entire construct is constrained somewhat by the orientation of the each of its pieces. The resulting computational compromise gives the Auscillator lifelike qualities of fluid indecision.

At times the Auscillator will align itself and spin fiercely. Other times the Auscillator will twist and writhe to such an extent that it almost looks painful. These are the emergent properties of any arbitrary system employing feedback.

The Auscillator is rendered using a rudimentary orthographic projection technique (basically a fifty percent reduction in vertical scale of each of the layers).

This feedback organism was inspired and named after the works of mad scientist Josh Knowles. Among other things, Josh is responsible for the musings at He also keeps a very watchful eye on wireless Internet access points around Texas (both legitimate and otherwise), and provides this knowledge free of charge to all interested.

Josh Knowles currently lives in Austin, Texas.
  jtarbell, march 2003  

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