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Cellular Automata Worm

The CA Worm is an expanding construction of a one dimensional cellular automata. Each successive row of the automata is rotated and enlarged just slightly from the last. The result is a worm-like form, interestingly textured with a bitwise logic.

CLICK anywhere above to change the CA ruleset and restart the worm growth.

figure a. some example rulesets from Wolfram's 8-bit cellular automata method (with initial random conditions).

Cellular automata are discreet dynamical systems with simple construction but complex emergent behavior. This particular implementation of CA is based on Wolfram's 8-bit Class 4 CA, using ruleset 114. The bits lit on each successive line of the CA are based on the lit bits of the previous lines.

A similar cellular automata exists as a continually evolving interactive ring.
  jtarbell, july 2003  

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