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This project creates animated letter groupings that begin scrambled but gradually configure themselves into actual words.

Individual letters can be clicked. Each time a letter is clicked, it falls back into an increasingly longer 'scrambling state'.

A single function creates a new auto-fixing word anywhere on the stage. Settings for how fast the word resolves and dissolves are passed as ranges given in milliseconds. Each time a new word is created, it assembles itself with scrambling letter objects. The scrambling letters display random characters until locking onto their intended display character. In this fashion, the auto-fixing word slowly pulls itself together.

The idea for this project was inspired by Tyler Woodelve, who suggested words might not be configurable resources of conversation, but tangible objects.

A known deficiency of the auto-fixing word is kerning. Only mono-spaced words can be created. Also, an interesting enhancement of this project might be the creation of entire bodies of text using auto-fixing words.
  jtarbell, december 2001  

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