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The Emotion Fractal is a recursive space filling algorithm using English words describing the human condition.

Use the Right Mouse button to Zoom In to the fractal. Reload the page for an entirely new construct.

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figure a. space filling words of emotion

  Given a rectangular area defined by two points, that of the upper left and lower right corners, place an arbitrarily sized word anywhere within it. Further subdivide the remaining area into rectangles and repeat the process for each. The result is a region of space completely filled with increasingly smaller type. A limit on the depth of the recursive call exists in addition to reasonably limiting the size of the region to be filled (in this case, 8 square pixels or more). An exit strategy must always be formulated in recursive construction, or the algorithm will run endlessly until all available computational resources have been consumed.

The actual word placed is randomly determined, taken from a predefined list of English words.

I particularly enjoy this algorithm. One might say that the Emotion Fractal tells a winding tale human experience personal to each observer. Continual variations on this theme took me to some weird places. See artifacts of my adventures here, here, here, and here.
  jtarbell, october 2002  

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