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canabalistic computation

The imprecise art of cannibalistic computation is a critical component in successful systems of operation. Computer resources must be shared, protected, and easily reclaimed. Ideally we would like for a system that does this with minimal loss and no displacement of executing code. That would be nice.

Here, plus shaped objects appear randomly on the screen. Initially having only a very small mass, they wander aimlessly until colliding with another object. Collisions favor the larger of the two objects, gobbling up the smaller. The smaller object is destroyed and the larger increases in size and consequently, gobbling prowless.

Click on individual plus objects to force an untimely death.

The single rule this system uses produces an environment far from equilibrium. All initial conditions eventually lead to the same boring conclusion: a large, all consuming single massive object emerges and eats away any chance for the creation of new objects.

  jtarbell, december 2002  

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