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Iterative IK

The structures above pull themselves around the screen using a simplified, one way inverse kinematic method. They are creatures of very little purpose.

CLICK anywhere to create a new node. Creating nodes near existing nodes should connect them. Be careful how many nodes you create, no limit has been imposed.

Iterative IK is an exhaustive method of applying inverse kinematic forces to a system using the objects of the system itself.

The structures above are adhoc networks of connected node objects. Each node is capable of searching for and making connections, and negotiating forces recieved through connections.

This system is simplified in that kinematic forces travel in one direction only. This enforces a kind of head-to-toe structure in which upstream nodes have more determination and influence than downstream nodes. Lucky them.

I particularly enjoy watching nodes pull each other around aimlessly.

  jtarbell, july 2002  

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