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keyboard state captured as a function of time
John Maeda keyboard study

This keyboard stroke monitor records the history of tactile interaction between human and computer. As your fingers fire across the receptors of the keyboard, correlating spheres of activity light and are recorded at intervals of approximately .5 seconds.

TYPE a message using the keyboard.
Click the RESET HISTORY button to start the engine over.

A statistical history of keys pressed is illustrated as ghosted spheres of increasing size. The larger the background sphere, the more times that key has been pressed.

A known bug exists. It's solution eludes my inexperience in keyboard handling methods. Once the PERIOD or COMMA key is pressed, the recorder stops recording. Occasionally, pressing the ENTER KEY will resume recorder activity.

This computational module is an expansion of an original keyboard iconography engine created by John Maeda. He states that "removing the signifying meaning of symbols, letters, and numbers can reveal the keyboard array's true identity as a coarse, tactile musical instrument."

september 13, 2001

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