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cellular walls of the main vein

main vein

The Main Vein is a meandering recursive construct that maintains a single vein of continual growth. This main vein is kept in view by adjusting the x and y position of the stage on which it grows.


figure a. the main vein continues along a single segment, while offshoots taper and terminate quickly.
Recursive growth is limited such that there is only one vein segment capable of producing offshoots at any given time. Imposing this limit is important, as it would be senseless to calucate the growth of veins far off stage, and it justifies the use of a never ending vein segment.

figure b. zoomed out view of the brownian path created by growth of the main vein.


Occasionally the main vein will double back on itself and reveal the true scope of it's growth. To keep things reasonable, a limit of 200 individual limbs are allowed to be on stage at any given time. This limit occasionally reveals areas where the older vein segments are being replaced. This completely ruins the illusion of travel in a sub-epidermic world.. Sorry about that.

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september 16, 2001

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