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mycelium model

Mycelium is the vegetative phase of mushroom growth.

Among plants, mycelium has the unique property of having no leaves and no flowers, consisting, instead, of millions of self similar strands. This simple mycelium growth simulation uses a 'place and test' model for reproduction. Strand growth is represented here with circular forms.

CLICK inactive nodes to respawn dead areas.

Distinct colonies of fungi are initiated on a barren surface. Through recursive, teleologic reproduction, they expand across the surface, carefully placing each new node in it's own unique location. Colonies are assigned unique colors. Small dots of color appear where newly created nodes overlap previous instances of themselves.

It causes me anxiety to watch frames drop, so I have put a cap on the rate of growth. This cap imposes a maximum growth rate of 22 spores per second. Areas of fungi growth attempting to grow beyond this limit are truncated. For this reason, these fungi colonies often form asymmetrically.

Within the source, a framework exists for detecting interaction between colonies. For the purposes of this demonstration, it has been disabled because of it's expensive computation.

november 3, 2001

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