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An arbitrary construction of Verner Panton's original textile design, Geometri 1 using computational methods.

Click anywhere above to generate a reorganization the design.

The unusual nature of the pattern can first be described as being composed of only positive and negative squares. The squares also contain a circle within them. The charge of the square is determined by the color of the circle such that a white circle makes the square positive and a black circle makes the square negative.

Squares of both charges are arranged into larger square groups using an alternating grid system. The dimensions of each group are always a multiple of 2.


Geometri' I Verner Panton, 1960
The pattern as a whole maintains radial symmetry. This property makes it especially well suited for variation. Starting with a single center bit of positive or negative charge, we can complete the rest of the pattern by generating mirrored square groupings of random charge and depth complexity.

This project was inspired by the paradigm shifting design work of Verner Panton. His strong use of color and focus on geometric simplicity are qualities of a good computational substrate.

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