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Quarter Round Mosaic

The Quarter Round Mosaic is a geometric assembly exploring the influence of color in an arbitrarily generated field.

CLICK the completed mosaic to begin anew.

Each mosaic is generated over time so that shapes placed earlier in the process have more influence on the composition. At a regular interval, a quarter round shape is placed in some empty grid space. The quarter round immediately polls all of its neighbors (existing or not) to determine the mean average color of the region. It then transforms itself to that color and rotates to some random orthogonal orientation.

  computational tile mosaic
figure a. 729 quarter round tiles arranged 27 x 27.
figure b. alternate palette
figure c. alternate palette with dense arrangement. Quarter rounds are slso specially arranged so that their rotations combine to form circles.
The result is a mosaic with semi-smooth color blends. The negative space of the quarter round in its grid cell weaves an additional dimension to the structure.
  jtarbell, october 2003  

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