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Scream or talk to this collection of colliding objects and there should be a response.

Of course your machine must be equipped with a functioning microphone. Use the level in the bottom left corner to determine if your microphone is active. Click the object to simulate loud noises.

These spherical objects intermingle and coalesce as they move about somewhat randomly. This effect is achieved by breaking up each spherical object into several different Movieclips, controlled centrally by a hidden container. By carefully layering each Movieclip, the composite objects appear to merge seamlessly, instead of overlapping. In this example, each object is composed of five layers, four for spherical shading and one as a shadow.

This project was created to explore the new Microphone object provided by Flash MX. The activity level of the microphone is used as a displacement modifier for each of the sphere's destinations. The stronger the audio level, the more chaotic the system.

| August 9, 2002

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