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An arbitrary assembly of recursive objects as determined by the user. Recursive growth is unique, in that the rotation of all replicating objects reference an oscillating vector at the root level.

CLICK anywhere above or blue the blue seed line to instantiate a new growth. A maximum of 8 simultaneous growths encourages thoughtful placement.


figure A.a beautiful recursive form grows from next to nothing


The coiling of each growth is determined by a sinusoidal wave at the root level. The sinusoidal is computed from a continuous counter. The counter accelerates in accordance with _xmouse. Thus, there is some degree of user control beyond the selection of an initial grow location.

figure B. a common collection of computationally generated 9 blocks


figure C. a common collection of computationally generated 9 blocks
Nothing about this module has anything to do with atmospheric science. The title is reflective of the wispy, faded appearance of 100 or so growth segments. They remind me of the approaching winter.

november 1, 2001

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