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The I'Ching as a 6bit State Machine

The I'Ching interface presents the observer with 64 uniquely generated states as based on a 6-bit architecture. Initially, there is no state selected. The first interaction detected by the machine stops a random state selector at one of the 64 nodes in the circle. The value for that node is displayed, and the generative phase of the installation has begun.

The observer is allowed to make five state changes. State changes are made by selected active nodes in the circles. Active nodes are logically defined by changes in each of the hexagram's six bits.

Energy particles stream from the position of the selecting mechanism.

English labels for each of the 64 states were written by hand, and are of great relevance to the meaning of the poem generated.

Words within the poem are generated behind the viewer. Slowly, each word comes into view as it travels a path through three dimensional space, in real time, as controlled by the observer. The words eventually destabilizes after traveling into the distance. Destabilized words behave erratically and fly off into oblivion.

Poems are fine lines each and approximately 30 words. Some poems enter a looping phase, creating much longer narratives.

After each poem generates and displays all of its words, the I'Ching interface returns, and the observer begins supplying the seeds for the next poem.


levitated installation
(C)2002 Lola Brine, narrative design and poetry library