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algorithms of assembly

Algorithms of assembly.

New for 2002, a small, but significant contribution to the new publication from Friends of Ed titled Flash Math Creativity.

prints available

Source code, explanations, theory, and mathematics from these authors:
Manny Tan
Keith Peters
Jamie Macdonald
Glen Rhodes
David Hirmes
Brandon Williams
Paul Prudence
Gabriel Mülzer
Kip Parker
Ty Lettau
JD Hooge
Pavel Kaluzhny
Jared Tarbell

My contribution includes the exploration of three highly adaptable algorithmic methods applied to four examples, each with seven variations. Topics include construction using nested iterations, construction using recursion, and the chaotic geometric plotting of the Lorenz attractor. All algorithms are specially constructed for efficient use within Macromedia's Flash 5 development environment.

Edge to Edge full color. Thousands of generated forms. Intriguing personal styles. International authorship! See actual photographs of the book.

See images of personal explorations.

Flash Math Creativity, paperback
272 pages | 1st edition (February 2002) | Friends of Ed | ISBN: 1903450500

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