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Flash Math Creativity, Friends of Ed
London, England

chapter 1, Jamie Macdonald

chapter 2, Glen Rhodes

chapter 3, David Hirmes

chapter 4, Andrés Sabastián Yáñez Durán

chapter 4, Andrés Sabastián Yáñez Durán

chapter 5, Gabriel Mulzer

chapter 6, Paul Prudence

chapter 7, Kip Parker

chapter 8, Jared Tarbell

chapter 9, Keith Peters

chapter 10, Ken Jokol

chapter 11, Ty Lettau

chapter 12, Pavel Kaluzhny

chapter 13, JD Hooge

chapter 14, Manny Tan

chapter 15, Brandon Williams

Many thanks to Friends of Ed for imagining and then building such an incredibly beautiful book:

Content Architect
Ben Renow-Clarke

Katy Freer

Dan Britton
Ben Renow-Clarke

Technical Reviewers
Kristian Besley
John Flanagan
Matthew B. Hein

Author Agents
Jez Booker
Chris Matterface

Project Manager
Jennifer Harvey

Kristian Besley

Managing Editors
Dave Galloway
Mel Orgee

Flash Math Creativity, front cover

Flash Math Creativity, back cover
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