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Pebbles Animation Component

The Pebbles animation component instantly arranges a field of self-similar objects across a predefined area. The component is usefull in instances where a large number of Movieclips need to be scattered across some region of space.

To use the Pebbles component, drag an instance from the Components Panel of Flash MX to the stage. Set the properties of the component by selecting it. To use this component it must first be installed. pebbles animation component icon
seeds with modified graphicseeds with seeds as mask
The following are all the properties of the Pebbles component:

Region Width, Region Height
The width and height of the area in which to place pebbles, measured in pixels.

Pebble Size, Pebble Size Variation
The average size of each pebble created, measured in pixels. The variation between pebbles is measured as a percent of the Pebble Size. For example, a Pebble Size of 10 with a Pebble Size Variation of 50 would produce pebbles ranging from 5 to 15 pixels.

Rotation Speed
This value adjusts the speed with which the pebbles rotate. Each pebble has a built-in rotational property that allows it to orbit a single point. Higher values will produce faster rotation. Negative values will produce rotation in the opposite direction, generally counterclockwise.

Rotation Variation
This percentage sets the rotational variability between individual pebbles. The larger the number is, the more extreme the differences in rotation speed between pebbles.

Show Build Process
The placement of individual pebbles within the field can be animated. Setting this Boolean value to True shows each pebble as it is created. Setting it to False instantaneously shows the entire pebble field.
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